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Kenzo Homme Sport Extreme

Kenzo Homme Sport Extreme

Price: 1.240.000 vnđ
Promotion: 1.178.000 vnđ

Azzaro Chrome Legend

Azzaro Chrome Legend

Price: 1.150.000 vnđ
Promotion: 1.092.500 vnđ

Kenzo Leau Par Kenzo Pour Homme

Price: 648.000   vnđ
Views: 1008
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L'eau Par Kenzo Perfume Pour Homme fragrance brings a gentle, green, sweet citrus taste, which is a combination of orange elegant Japanese, Ho leaf, lotus leaf, mint, pepper, and musk. All create an ideal scent for men. But gentle aroma and freshness but stay very long in your body.

Information about product

  • Brand: Kenzo

  • Concentration: Eau De Toilette (EDT)

  • Perfume: Male

  • Scent characteristic:

  1. Top notes: Yuzu orange, lemon, green pepper

  2. Middle notes: lotus, green flavor, mint

  3. Last Perfume: musk, cedar

  • Fragrances: Wood

  • Style: Fresh, delicate, masculine

  • Capacity: 100ml

  • How to use: spray

  • Founder: Olivier Cresp

  • Year of release: 1999

  • Origin: France

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