Providing men perfume best-known brands in the world such as: Azzaro, Kenzo, Lacoste, Lanvin, Burberry, ...

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Kenzo Homme Sport Extreme

Kenzo Homme Sport Extreme

Price: 1.240.000 vnđ
Promotion: 1.178.000 vnđ

Azzaro Chrome Legend

Azzaro Chrome Legend

Price: 1.150.000 vnđ
Promotion: 1.092.500 vnđ the gathering place of the luxury fragrance and most fashionable!

Launched on 27/9/2007 and the current date is the place offers more than 200 high-end perfume brands in the world: Chanel, Gucci, Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Lancome, Lacoste, Hugo Boss , Ralph Lauren, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Victoria Secret, Guess perfume ... Center is proud retailer of professional service style, service and best customer care.

The staff of young, professional

Each is a supplier to many business units perfume in Vietnam. We have combined with 8 exclusive distributor in Vietnam to give customers the choice varied and psychological peace of mind, most comfortable when buying products at

Principles and operation of All for peace of mind and satisfaction of the customer.

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You will be advised and try odor free.

Products are imported genuine diversity of types with competitive prices.

In particular, the product is 1 year warranty for quality and odor retention time, on each product warranty stamped guarantee.

Sales staff and professional consultants, fun, dedicated experienced

Gift packages and free shipping, fast, guaranteed.

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Membership Card Issuing cards for all customers to buy the product at the showroom, to bring the best interests of our customers.

In addition to information about product price, we also want to provide customers with more information, useful articles about perfume. website is the first perfume in Vietnam. Our orientation is to become the supplier of perfume No. 1 in Vietnam, offering a diverse selection, convenience, saving time and money, while providing peace of mind and satisfaction to customers.


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